The most simple explanation is that atomic watches use radio frequencies to set themselves according to the atomic watch stations around the globe. This technology was implemented mainly to deliver a hassle free experience to watch wearers. Many people around the world enjoy this technology from avid travelers to businessmen, and especially nowadays when the price difference between an atomic watch and a regular watch is no longer substantial, a lot of people entered the market mainly through brands like Casio and Citizen.

 I personally love the idea of a hassle-free watch and I always recommend atomic and solar watches to my friends and I think you might find them quite useful as well. Nowadays time is more precious than everything else, so by eliminating redundant actions one by one like setting the time on your watch and so on can save you a lot of time when added up.

 I always choose an atomic watch over a regular one for the convenience and my friends tend to do the same, however some people simply don’t want to invest more in something that they don’t consider important. Well, in that case, I hope the following reasons might convince you.

 1. It automatically adjusts to Daylight Saving Time (DST)

 This means you won’t have to hassle with the changing the time twice a year. For some that might not be such a big inconvenience but others simply want to have a completely hassle free experience and not deal with an imprecise watch every now and then.

 2. Only set it once then forget ever setting it again

 Since the radio frequencies sent out by the atomic watch stations around the world periodically set your watch to the exact time, you won’t have to worry about ever setting the watch again unless something unexpected comes up. This is especially useful for those who travel a lot because the watch automatically receives radio signals from the nearest atomic station.

 3. Atomic watches are no longer expensive

 You can find plenty of affordable atomic watches nowadays that combine a lot of useful features in a great looking case. Take a look at this article for example where there is a great selection of atomic watches from different companies.

4. Your watch will be very accurate most of the time

 That is something very important for those in need of a reliable time source. If you don’t want to rely on others telling you the time then an atomic watch is in most cases a solution to this problem. Again, this might seem like a minor issue for some, but others simply don’t want to concentrate on these types of aspects.

That’s pretty much it. You might consider the number of reasons quite thin, but some just enjoy comfort beyond anything else, even if they have to pay more for it. I think I am one of those people. You finally decide what is best for you, but my last advice is the following: If you find two similar watches without a big price difference but one has atomic timekeeping and the other doesn’t, go for the one with atomic timekeeping. Apart from the hassle that it saves you from, atomic watches tend to keep their value better in time, so you might be able to sell it for more in the future.