Garmin fenix 5 vs. Garmin fenix 3 HR. I have been receiving quite a few requests for this video and since I just back from CES 2017 where I was able to go hands-on with the Garmin fenix 5/5S/5X and talk in-depth with Garmin representatives, I thought I would run through the major differences between the Garmin fenix 5 versus Garmin fenix 3 HR and help you decide whether you should upgrade. I will be doing a full Garmin fenix 5 review, Garmin fenix 5S review and Garmin fenix 5X review so stay tuned for those. Also, I think it’s fair to say right off the bat that all of these devices will be on the list for Best GPS Watch 2017 / Best GPS Watches 2017.

Here’s what’s new to the Garmin fenix5:

– Quick fit, interchangeable bands
– High pixel density to screen (240×240 vs. 218×218)
– Gyroscope for better mapping with UltraTrac mode
– Better battery life (24 hours vs. 16 hours in GPS mode and 75 hours vs. 40 in UltraTrac mode)
– 47MM case is noticeably smaller than that of the fenix 3 HR
– Group tracking (i.e. what you saw on Edge 820 series)
– Price (of course)

Overall, after testing the Garmin fenix 5 and going hands on with the Garmin fenix 5 at CES, I think I will probably end up upgrading as will many other people out there. It won’t be a big surprise to see the fenix 5 on the list for Best Multisport Watch 2017 / Best Sport GPS Watch 2017. Either way, I will definitely by doing a full garmin fenix5 review and will be able to report back with more detail in the coming months. Until then, I hope you enjoyed this fenix 5 vs fenix 3 HR comparison video.

Tanks to RIZKNOWS for this material.